Bond Girls Line Up for the new Bond 25 Movie


As the new Bond25 has just been announced we thought we would line up the Bond Girls.

We know this is a long shot but we got out heads together and picked the top 10 Hollywood stunners to play the new Bond Girl

Over the years we have seen low profile actresses burst onto the screen and boost their careers.

However, we look at the current popular girls and who we would love to play the new Bond Girl.


#10 – Charlize Theron – The south African born stunner has been in the industry a long time, maybe a villain role in Bond25

#9 – Mila Kunis is a hot favourite for in the Bond Girls line up but with other commitments she might turn it down.

#8 – Emma Stone is an award winning actress in La La Land but could she pull off the Bond Girl approach?

#7 – Rachel McAdams the boxers wife in Southpaw would suit this role to a tee, all the qualities of a bond girl

#6 – Jennifer Lopez known for her booty, could this Puerto Rican beauty prove to be an iconic Bond Babe?

#5 – Zoe Saldana has the perfect beauty to pull of a Mysterious bond girl with a kick ass side could the Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 top the poll?

#4 – Natalie Portman another Marvel beauty who isn’t in the new Thor: Ragnarok movie could have this lined up.

#3 – Jennifer Lawrence could be the ideal Bond Girl with a curvy figure, bad ass look and the attitude, could be her.

#2 – Megan Fox is one of the hottest actresses around and with not so good roles in TMNT this could boost her back up the charts

#1 – Margot Robbie is THE sexiest actress and most in demand, the Harley Quinn actress is sure to be everyones bond girl!


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