The long awaited return of Deadpool 2 Movie Trailer is finally here with this short trailer screened before the new Logan movie earlier this week. We all know Ryan Reynolds has pushed for his own movie with Huge Jackman for years and he finally got his wish last year but as the movie did so well and is a chart-topping R-rated movie ahead of Suicide Squad, also released last year, Deadpool 2 is on its way.

What we do know is that the Deadpool 2 Movie will be joined by Golden Eye legend Pierce Brosnan playing the sidekick Cable – Many rumours about who would play Cable circled but it was confirmed via the official Deadpool 2 Movie facebook page with a poster stating the golden eye followed by a picture of Ryan, Hugh, and Pierce all together.

If you haven’t seen Logan yet (spoiler alert, skip this section) as Old Man Logan dies 🙁 very sad day in the Comic Geek world we are hoping to see him make a final appearance in the new Deadpool 2 Movie – not forgetting the legend that is Stan Lee appearing as a first in a trailer.

Stay tuned for more Deadpool 2 as the months go by and fingers crossed Wolverine will be gracing us once more.

Who else would you like to see in the new Deadpool 2 movie?