KONG Skull Island Movie Review


KONG Skull island movie review for the team at SK Viral

The story starts out with a professor Bill Randa (John Goodman) begging the US army office to allow a team to explore unchartered territory

They are hoping to get there before Russia pick up the island on their space satellites.

After negotiations, Bill Randa goes to a local bar to pick up ex-British Marine James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston – Thor: Ragnarok )  to help guide them through the new island

The rest of the crew meet up on a ship which will take them as close as possible to the island and then Preston Packard’s  (Samuel L. Jackson) army team fly them in. 🚁

Life magazine photographer Mason Weaver (Brie Larson – Captain Marvel)

As the team break through the storms, behind is a breath taking scenery of untouched wildlife, Visual effects are awesome btw. 😜

Jacksons crew start to drop bombs to test the terrain and soon discover that they are in KONGs backyard

Helicopters get smashed and soldiers die which leaves Jackson fueled with revenge to kill KONG.

The film goes on to show Loki and marvel try to escape the island without being killed.

The crew finally release KONG isn’t bad and he’s there to protect others from what lies beneath the surface.

This is a really great movie and we don’t want to spoil it too much so get to IMAX as the visual effect are unreal

massssssive 4.5/5 for this movie!

KONG Skull Island Movie In cinemas now.


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