Late last night the team headed to the cinema (Odeon, Trafford Centre) our local and can we say the staff here are mint! (Manc word for good) On the list of films was the new film starring and directed by Ben Afflect with co stars Sienna Miller as irish crook Emma Gould who has a love affair with Joe Coughlin (affleck) behind an Irish Boston gangster player by BBC’s conman in hustle Robert Glenister.

We don’t want to give to much of the story away as there is a lot of twists and turns along the way and as non of us had seen any trailers, we was excited to see the sexy Zoe Saldana gracing the big screen.

It’s a intense, action packed film set in the 1920’s where gangsters run towns and crime is high. Get to the cinema to see this great film.

We give it a big 8/10 – awesome film!