Logan Movie Review

a tad late as we have all been busy, emotional to write the Logan Movie review – We didn’t want to spoil anything but it looks like the whole of the internet has given it away. Huge Jackman is and always will be wolverine and this story is the perfect way to be able to continue the X-Men legacy without changing the main character like sony did with Spiderman.

The movie starts out with a drunk, old man logan working as a chauffeur, the action begins in Mexico while a group of thieves jack, up his car whilst he is asleep in the back to steal his wheels. They soon regret this as Logan graphically kills each and everyone of them.

Logan returns to his home where Caliban awaits him frustrated with the effort taking care of the legend Professor Charles Xavier who is suffering with, seizures.

Without going into too much details a young girl named Laura who’s guardian is wanting Logan to take her to a place where she will be safe.

The movie takes on a few twists and turns with very emotional parts, its a trip to the movies you need to pencil is as we watched it in IMAX and its the perfect way to see it.