It’s been confirmed that Conor McGregor’s welterweight rematch with Nate Diaz will take place at UFC 202 in Las Vegas on 20 August and the world just went nuts for this anticipated fight for 2016.

Diaz beat McGregor in their first bout in March, inflicting the 27-year-old Irishman’s first defeat since 2010 and all the hype, trash talk Conor did he is looking to make amends. Diaz is a true warrior and no matter how hard he got hit, he kept coming and coming before taking McGregor into submission.

Plans for a rematch at July’s UFC 200 were scrapped after a dispute between McGregor and organisers so late last night they confirmed the rematch would take place in August.

The rematch was announced during the UFC 199 show on Saturday, where Michael Bisping became the first Briton to win a UFC title by beating Luke Rockhold.

Mcgregor who is know for his sarcastic ways and his approach to life has been taking a much needed break from UFC preparing his mind for the rematch, we was hoping to see a fight in between to help boost his confidence and get him back on track but he would rather cruise the streets of LA in his convertable, listening to the wise words of Tupac Shakur followed behind by a Bentley just in case it rained. #legend.

although in the past month he has been putting a shift in at the gym, focusing on strength and conditioning to prepare him for the rematch and we he go in with his wild mouth this time or play it cool as he wont want an upset like last time. #McGregorDiaz