To celebrate the launch of the new Magista Football boot, Nike reveals two short films featuring Arda Turan, one of the world’s leading playmakers, showing why he’s considered a master of magic on the pitch.

Turan has earned the nickname ‘The Turkish magician’ due to his amazing ability to control the ball and create opportunity on the pitch. He has both the vision and the range of passing to unlock games. Like a magician, he pulls off the unexpected and leaves opponents and fans in awe.

The first film opens as Turan dribbles the ball during an action-packed game at the Calderon stadium.  He begins to run right toward the defender who fiercely stares back at him. Just before they meet, the scene changes and the action moves from the pitch to the stage where Turan now is the charming magician in a theater, and the defensive player is lying in a box. With a surreally swift move, Turan separates the box and cuts the man in half. We transition back to the pitch to see how Turan nutmegs the defender and delivers a spectacular pass to his striker.