Women of today are brave, confident, determined and joyful. Always bouncing, never settling for second. Embodying this attitude are two women who are making headlines in the sports world, PUMA’s running and training ambassadors sprinter Jenna Prandini and fitness trainer Jamie Granger.

Prandini, the reigning US 2015 200m Champion, never misses a day’s training, and said, “I need my training gear to be on a par with my intensive regime and the new PUMA Training range delivers just that.”

Granger, Rihanna’s personal trainer, enjoys training strength and power more than anything else. Granger attests, “ I cannot settle for a training gear that won’t keep up with my intense routine. I start with one or two heavy lifts followed by metabolic training that consists of full body exercise and explosive movements. PUMA Training products are highly reliable and makes me look good too.”