16th July, this is the day adidas announced the launch of the new range of ‘Predator Instinct ‘ boots to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original predator boots.

The original predator boots, made famous by iconic players such as David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane has been re-imaged to a design that celebrates the traditions of the predator. The ‘Predator Instinct’ range will return with the classic red, white and black colours.


Technological features

The Predator is all about control on the pitch and to continue that into the new range the ‘Predator Instinct’ has been made with a variety of new technological innovations to provide these needs to adidas’ customers.  Adidas have used specially engineered materials to provide the best control and comfort, such as a new hybrid touch material that combines the two best qualities of leather and synthetics; comfort and performance, also the rubber zones have been specially engineered to give much more grip and control. Control in passing has been improved by extending the upper rubber zones and merging them with the outside , this has given the boots a more 360 degree feel. However the biggest innovation has to be the new control frame. This frame goes all around the boot and down onto the forefoot and by using a malleable TPU material the player will experience more grip when making contact with the ball. This also ensures a better touch especially at the bottom of the boot, around 20 percent of control is done using the bottom of the shoe and by developing the control frame the players will receive greater control than ever before particularly in dribbling.


Design Features

To celebrate the anniversary of the iconic Predator, Adidas will be releasing 14 separate Instinct designs within the year as part of the range. The designs can be found on the predator launched ahead of the World Cup as part of the Adidas Battle Pack.

The most important boot in the range is the ‘Predator Instinct’ that officially launches the new campaign. The designers wanted to make the new range very iconic by bringing back the traditional Adidas Predator colour of red, white and black. The design patterns are inspired by the predatory animals that use their instincts to hunt. This instinct ties to the attributes of the player who wear the predator such as Mesut Ozil, whith anticipation, touch and vision to control the game.