Beauty and The Beast Premiere – Movie Review


Last night the team and family members were invited to the Beauty and The Beast Premiere at Odeon Cinemas.

First off to name drop, a few celebs were there but the one that stood out was Liverpool FC’s, Daniel Sturridge (although he was there to watch this movie)

Watching any film in IMAX 3D is exceptional but the CGI on this movie is groundbreaking and the attention to detail is unreal.

We all know the story of beauty and the beast, Belle (Emma Watson) is a strange, intelligent girl in the local village where the main man Gaston (Luke Evans) wants to marry her.

Luke Evans is the perfect actor for Gaston, when you look back at the carton version, he plays him perfectly.

Belle’s father Maurice (Kevin Kline) rides into trouble which leads him to Beast (Dan Stevens) Castle

For picking a rose for Belle, Beast imprisons Maurice, but Belle exchanges place to save her father.

As the days go by the staff, no everyday objects believe belle is the one to break the spell and set everyone free.

Beast starts off, Angry, still fueled with hate as to why he was cursed to this ugly beast, which leads back to the way his father raised him.

Belle soon releases as Beast opens up how much they have in common, the look into the Beast eyes shows her how caring he is deep down.

We all know the what happens so we will not bore you with the fine details but here are a few pointers about Beauty and the beast.

The music, the comedy, especially from LeFou (Josh Gad) gives this film the warm loving feel it deserves.

As you try to guess the all-star cast for the voices, Cogsworth (Ian McKellen) – Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson) Ewan McGregor as Lumière which we cannot express enough are the special effects. WOW

This will be a sure winner in every category it’s put up for, turning a classic Disney cartoon into a real life movie without spoiling a single thing, is Genious!

5/5 on all levels, take your family and enjoy this all time classic.