Anyone who is a fan of the England Legend David Beckham was in for a treat last night as Becks and a handful of friends travel to Brazil to start their trip into the amazon rainforest as David looks to find himself and get away for all the stress to visit a tribe who live a life that’s out of this world.

When the team landed in Rio, they took to the streets for a spot of sight seeing on their motorbikes as the last time Becks visited Rio he only stayed at the hotel or the stadium they England in. David caught up with the locals as they talk about the clean up operation in place to make it a safer trip for the World Cup 2014, towns under gang shooting the most beautiful view of the city becomes safe and open to the public. Before they all set off Becks ticked off something special from his bucket list, a game of beach football volleyball, as the sun set on the beach the team played with locals before heading back to the hotel and the start of the journey into the amazon.

A boat trip along a small river then into the amazon the team helped out as David emptied the boat which was filling up with water and the others rowed to there hotel on water for the night. David’s guide took them to the local fishing village as they take a look at he life this family lead, fishing up to 6 times a day David helped with the catch before cooking his fish in the family’s hut.