DEADPOOL 2 ft CABLE (Nathan Summer)

If you managed to see the new DEADPOOL 2 movie trailer you might be wondering what all the little easter eggs are for DEADPOOL 2 ft CABLE. first up is Stan Lee – the first appearance from the legend in a trailer, people are trying to focus on this but one is there, right in front of you.

As DEADPOOL is changing into his superhero outfit in a Superman like fashion (in a phone booth) – as Ryan struggles in such a small space and baring his arse against the window – to the top right in graffiti is ‘Nathan Summers Cumming soon’

If you are unaware of who Nathan Summers is then, you only need to google the name and at the top of Googles results in the iconic Cable – Who according to previous messages will be played by Pierce Brosnan.

Featured Teaser trailer for DEADPOOL 2 here in front of Old Man Logan Premier.