If you can relate back to the mid 90’s then you will understand Ghost In The Shell Movie Review.

The concept of the film is quite predictable and as you watch the film you can kind of see it coming.

ghost in the shell movie review

The Ghost In The Shell Movie Review starts with the creation of Major – piecing a human brain into an A.I body to be used as a weapon.

Hanka Robotics Staff, who invented the breakthrough technology, are murdered one by one.

Major (Scarlett Johansson) and her team are there to protect the city, as they try to track down the killer in the movie.

As the movie progresses, Major suffers glitches and these resemble her past life before she was transformed.

The flashback lead her to the killer, an A.I designed like Major, called Hideo Kuze but he was one of the first robotics to disregarded.

Kuze shows Major the way, explaining why she is what she is and as the story continues she find out more about her past life.

Ghost in the shell is a great movie, but it lacks excitement. Its kind of like a CGI-boosted, version of Lucy.

scarlett johansson nude

We can see why the sexy Scarlett Johansson nude clothing keeps viewers excited and why she is selected to play the featured role.

If it wasn’t for the continuous rear views of Scarlett in our Ghost In The Shell Movie Review, it would be a real disappointment,  the CGI is great but the story is a tad dull.