In sunny shore volleyball, science is central. Partners must work in congruity and trust each one in turn to dependably be in the right spot at the opportune time.

Science is likewise paramount in preparing. Having an accomplice there for inspiration and support can help push a competitor to achieve her potential.

Sisters Maria Clara and Carolina Salgado depend on their characteristic conceived science to exceed expectations on the sand and in the exercise center. Starting in June, the Brazilian sunny shore volleyball experts will showcase their collaboration in their Nike+ Training Club Beach Ready Workout.

“We attempt to push one another a ton in our preparation,” says Maria Clara. “Now and again when we’re running, Carol is out in front and I’m attempting to get her. We have some good times, however in the meantime the amicable rivalry greatly improves the situation.”

The 15-moment exercise center workout comprises of five drills, including overhead triceps amplifications, Russian Twist ball tosses and single leg deadlifts. With the Salgado sisters heading the way, clients will work to assemble quality in their arms, legs and center.

“Shore volleyball is a long season, so keeping up our molding is discriminating,” says Carolina. “We concentrate on quality activities to keep our legs compelling and our upper bodies solid.”

The Beach Ready Workout will be accessible on the N+tc App starting June 3. Clients will additionally have the capacity to shop their preparation look, which incorporates the Nike Free TR Fit 4 Breathe, on


Sisters Maria Clara and Carolina Salgado have been collaborating professionally on the shore volleyball courts for 10 years. Since the begin of the 2013 season, the twosome has nine main five completions in 16 begins, incorporating a triumph in Moscow.

“By being sisters, I think we have substantially more confide in one another,” Maria Clara says. “You know whether she’s attempting to push me, this is on account of she needs the best for the group.”

Locals of Rio de Janeiro, the sisters are a piece of a pleased volleyball gang. Their mother serves as their mentor and their sibling has contended professionally. This familial bond stretches out off the court too.

“I don’t become weary of Carol, which is a bit peculiar,” Maria Clara chuckles. “The majority of the groups, when they have time off, they’re similar to, ‘I would prefer not to see this individual any longer.’ But not us. We’ll regularly use occasions and Sundays together and even hang out after our preparation is defeated the day.”


Nike Training Club is a worldwide wellness group of young ladies determined independent from anyone else interpretation in development and preparing. It epitomizes Nike’s dedication to motivate and empower female competitors through its items, administrations and encounters.

The N+tc App is the advanced pulse of the club, uniting its parts regardless of where they prepare. The full-body preparing application coddles each level of wellness. Competitors can pick four-week projects or one-off workouts with a specific end goal to pursue their objectives of getting incline, toned or solid.