After the new Nike Risk Everything 2014 World Cup Campaign was launched this week, Nike also released several new Nike Risk Everything Kit Campaign images. While the new Nike 2014 World Cup Kits are rather simple, the wallpapers unveiled are spectacular.

The new Nike World Cup Kits Risk Everything Wallpapers promote the Nike Risk Everything tournament which take place in more than 30 cities. NIKE RISK EVERYTHING 2014 WORLD CUP KITS WALLPAPERS Each Nike Risk Everything 2014 World Cup Kit Image is showing the national colors and a ready to attack animal, which is used as symbol for the whole country and the national team, while the aggressive animal (or national symbol) symbolize the risk everything attitude. A Jaguar is the animal used for the Brazilian National Team, which is represented by superstar Neymar. Naturally, the ‘Three Lions’ are represented by a lion, while Rooney is the England player to be part of the picture. The only team not represented by an animal is Portugal, which wallpaper features a fast boat showcasing the seafaring tradition of the country.

Every image shows what it takes to gain World Cup victory. Without Risk there is no victory, therefore players must Risk Everything during the 2014 World Cup.