Tonight we finally got the chance to make time as a team, to watch the new movie and here’s our Power Rangers Review.

If you are old enough to remember the original Saban’s TV series the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and how cheesy but really exciting as a kid it was.

As a kid, not many know how the power rangers started out, just one day flicked over the channel and were hooked.

The film starts out with an unknown actor Dacre Montgomery, who is an Australian actor. Jason, the Red Ranger, was an all-star football player, struck with injury and bad choices.

Jason is put in detention for his bad choices where he meets Naomi Grace Scott, starring as Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger.

The very funny Billy Cranston is being bullied in class, so Jason steps in and helps him out, they meet up later that night to visit the local mine.

Billy’s dad passed away a few back and they would dig the mine looking for rare items and his dad was adamant something special was there.

Jason helps Billy with his equipment up the mine and takes off back to Angel Grove, California but comes across Kimberly swimming.

They both hear a loud bang and go to see if Billy is ok, local lad Ludi Lin a Chinese-Canadian actor, Zack, the Black Ranger arrives.

Followed by the new girl in the town Trini, the Yellow Power Ranger who is set to be the first gay superhero played by Becky G.

The teenagers find glowing gems in the new hole Billy exposed and then they are chased out of the mine by security.

We don’t want to give the full story away but evil Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth banks is looking to wipe out the earth.

The Power Rangers go through intense training to find their inner Ranger to be able to Morphe.

The movie consists of Romance between Jason & Kimberly – Extreme comedy from Billy and a twist with Zack and Trini.

We are so, so happy for modern day technology as the CGI is epic, compared to the original tv series.

Our Power Rangers Review is a great 4/5 and we are looking forward to the sequel, so be sure to stay after the credits.