Paul Scholes has been spotted at Manchester United’s Carrington training ground this week. According to sources with Old Trafford he is helping Giggs and the rest of United’s back room staff in salvaging what it’s left of the 2013/14 premier league.


Back at the start of the league when David Moyes took charge of Manchester United in replace of Sir Alex Ferguson, Scholes was asked to join the team but refused, is this a sign that the Manchester United legends didn’t want to work with David as Giggs and a host of other long serving players spent the majority of the season on the bench.


We hope United get to grips with the foundations at the club although the rest of the clubs including rivals Manchester City and Liverpool hope David Moyes would continue at Old Trafford as the poor performance for Manchester United has given the likes of Liverpool, City and Chelsea the change to fight for The title.

The campaign for #MoyesOut by United fans has been overshadowed by rival clubs wanting him to stay. #MoyesIn