The Fate of the Furious Review

The team got an exclusive look at the new The Fate of the Furious movie out in cinemas.

This is the 8 instalment of the The Fast & The Furious saga and without one of its main character Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) who sadly past during the filming of number 7.

Not during the filming but at the time of film, just to clear that up. 

The FF8 team featuring all the cast from over the previous films, including a strange team up with Deckard (Jason Statham)

The movie starts out with Dom (Vin Diesel) and new Wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) in Porto Rico racing and enjoying life.

Dom is on hand to help a stranded woman who’s car would not start but turns out to be planned to meet him.

The sexy Charlize Theron shows Dom a photo on a phone which sends his head into a spin (unknown what it is as this point)

Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), is asked to retrieve an EMP from a base in German and starts to round up his crew.

Funny man Roman (Tyrese Gibson) gadget due Tej Parker(Ludacris) & Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) join the rest of the gang and steal the EMP

On route to the safe house Dom, clips Hobbs truck to flip him over and take the EMP which leaves Hobbs being in prisoned.

Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell) tries to offer a deal to Hobbs, in return to free him from Prison and this introduces new cast member Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood) who looks set to be the new Brian

Hobbs is put in a cell opposite his enemy Deckard where they exchange words but a riot breaks out.

As the story continues everyone cannot get their heads around why Dom is doing this, its clear why when the secret is revealed.

Dom’s ex Elena (Elsa Pataky) has had a child but didnt want to tell him until after the wedding, so this was the picture he was shown by Cipher.

The team try to capture Dom on many occasions but are unsuccessful, all the pieces start to fall into place as Deckard is shot by Dom.

The film has so much action it would take a few days to right it out but Return of his brother Owen (Luke Evans) and a few old Fast & Furious members pop up throughout the film.

The special touch is Dom names his new Son Brian, sad moment.

Great movie as usual and we are looking forward to Fast and Furious 9!

Finally there is always time to listen to this smash hit track in tribute to the late Paul Walker.

RIP, one family.