Today we finally had a chance to play test the latest performance sock from the USA Trusox.
Jim the man behind this invention is an ex footballer who suffered from to much movement inside his boots and constant blisters. This new design is fitted with rubber grips on the inside and outside of the sock that grips your foot to the boot.

As we slipped a pair on prior to warm up you could feel the quality of the material and the rubber grips on the inside felt different but after you slip your boot on you can feel them working together.

As we took to the field for a few warm up laps the only difference you could tell from the average sports sock is the extra comfort. A few sprints later you could start to tell the difference in twisting in and out of the cones, less foot movement in the boot, even if you have room in your boot these sock make it doesn’t move around.

Overall we can see why top football and rubgy players choose to wear Trusox, definitely worth every penny.

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