Warrior Football is set to release a new Control Football Boot….
Warrior Gambler. Warrior first hit the UK with the take over of Liverpool FC’s football kit from adidas then they introduced the Warrior Skreamer ‘Power Boot’ as worn by a few Pro Footballer players including Vincent Kompany of Manchester City.

Detail of the New Warrior Football Gambler BootsTime To Take Back Control


We are keen to showcase the new design, but for now hes a teaser.


Warrior Gambler is a control boot which comes in 2 variations of material to suit any players needs.


the S-lite a is lightweight half cotton half leather boot, the design is black green checkered on the instep and out of the boot. These come in a Firm Ground or a Mixed Stud.

The K-Lite is an all black leather football boots which the same control technology as the S-lite but more subtle.


You can pre order the new Warrior Gambler Football Boots Today at The Boot King.

warrior_gambler_football_boots_main warrior_gambler_football_boots_slite-klite